Smooth Ambler

Location: Maxwelton, West Virginia
Founded: 2009
Master Distiller: John Little
Grains: .
Mash bills:


In 2009, Smooth Ambler Spirits was founded with the simple goal of producing the best whiskey by using the best of everything available to them. West Virginia is a fine place to make whiskey, providing excellent local grain and water, the perfect cadence of seasons for mellow aging, and hardworking people who know how to get things done with skill and pride.

A craft distiller, respected curator of sourced whiskey, and down-to-earth innovator, Smooth Ambler offers a family of delicious bourbons and ryes including whiskeys that are homemade, sourced, and a blend of both. Committed to shooting straight with our customers, ourselves, and our industry, we celebrate the honesty and transparency that are integral parts of always trying to do things right.

The name originates from the easygoing gait of smooth-ambling horses, the pace best described as somewhere between a walk and a run, Smooth Ambler prides itself on striking a balance, they state “a balance between a job well done and the celebration that follows”. This smooth laid back approach is something they pride themselves on and in the whiskey.

Smooth Ambler are completely open and transparent about the way that they produce their spirits, whether they are House-made, sourced, or a marriage of the two. No matter which way they do it, each whiskey is shepherded with care and dedication at every stage of the process. All that hard work translates to rich flavors and textures that can’t be found anywhere else

They say patience is rewarded, and Smooth Ambler’s own West Virginia-made whiskey is a testament to the wisdom of those words.

Utilizing the finest local grain, clean natural water, hard-earned expertise, and blessed with the optimal cadence of seasons for barrel-aging, they make their own whiskey in the heart of Appalachia, giving every step every ounce of their attention, and that commitment is evident in every sip.

Their business is born of West Virginia spirit, and it’s the hard-working people of their community that make it great. That’s why they call this range, simply and with great pride, Smooth Ambler

The Smooth Ambler Distillery

It’s pretty hard for a young distillery to make aged whiskey without a time machine, but there is a way to do it without compromising on quality.

Smooth Ambler find the right barrels, not of their making but to theirr liking, acquired from a trusted source and made with all-American ingredients.

After tweaking and fine-tuning every detail of the flavor, texture, and depth, they release their range of Old Scout – whiskies that they are proud to talk about and to share.