Kentucky Peerless

Location: Louisville, Ketucky
Founded: Reborn in 2014 through the 4th and 5th Generation of the Family
Head Distiller: Caleb Kilburn
Grains: Sourced from Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio
Mash bills: Undisclosed, Corn, Rye and Malted Barley

The story of Peerless

Originally operating under the name Worsham Distilling in the 1880’s, Peerless Distilling began in Henderson Kentucky and began to flourish in 1889 under entrepreneur Henry Kraver. Through the 1920’s Peerless federally-bonded warehouses were used for whiskey storage under armed protection of the U.S government. The Peerless product was one of the few products available for medicinal use.

Through the early 1920s, the Peerless federally-bonded warehouses were used for whiskey storage under the armed protection of the U.S. Government. During Prohibition, Peerless product was one of the few available by prescription for medicinal use.

The original Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. was Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) number 50. Today, Peerless are privileged to have that same number. The newly assigned DSP numbers are in the 20,000s and the family are proud to say DSP-KY-50 is their own.

Five generations on, the peerless distillery is a state-of-the-art facility, with cutting edge technology making it one of the most automated distilleries. Here grains are milled, cooked, fermented, double-distilled, barrelled, and bottled as bourbon and rye whiskey.

Like Peerless Founder Henry Kraver, the current Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn is an innovator of his generation. His intense understanding and passion for the craft have resulted in bold and consistent improvement and award-winning spirits.

Despite his uncanny intellect and meteoric rise in the craft spirits’ world, Caleb remains modest regarding his accomplishments. Caleb never considered himself a Master Distiller. He held that revered title for his idols and heroes.

Though humble and unassuming, Caleb is nothing short of a prodigy. Humility aside, as one of the youngest distillers in the history of the industry, he has crafted spirits that rival the finest in the world.

As charred oak barrels play a vital role in creating the one-of-a-kind taste found in Peerless Bourbon and Peerless Rye Whiskey, they choose their barrels carefully.

Peerless sources barrels locally through Kelvin Cooperage, located just 13 miles south of the Peerless Distillery. Peerless Whiskey must be stored in barrels that are worthy of the task and Kelvin Cooperage holds a reputation in the industry for making some of the highest quality barrels in the market.

Kelvin Cooperage use a traditional, non-mechanised process, crafting and charring barrels by hand. Each barrel is handcrafted and treated with unrivaled care. The majority of cooperages typically utilise natural gas to toast and char their barrels, while Kelvin only utilises a natural wood fire to toast and char their barrels. This painstaking practice ensures that no artificial flavors are imparted into Kentucky Peerless whiskey.