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So here we are…

A bpourbon barrel in a rickhouse

So here we are. After months of uumm’ing and ahh’ing we decided to do it and take Restless Spirits live to the nation.

American Whiskey is something that’s close to our hearts and its popularity, here in the UK, is growing year on year. And quite rightfully so. Our friends over the pond have seen a resurgence in whiskey culture. Huge investments are being made into age old brands, old family distilleries are being brought back to life through ancient recipies and craft whiskey startups have seen a boom in numbers with some truly outstanding whiskeys been produced.

The UK has an amazing community of knowledgable American Whiskey enthusiasts and many many more who are yet to begin their exploration of America’s spirit. We hope to bring something for everyone and, just maybe, be a little more than just a retail site where you can buy” the good stuff”.

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