Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Barrel Proof Rye Whiskey


A huge Rye whiskey released at Barrel Proof using the sweet mash process and a mash bill that the good folk at Wilderness Trail created to offer a truly balanced flavour profile. The Heritage Rye used is grown locally in Kentucky and the barrels use Wilderness Trail’s air-drying technique before going through a number 4 char.  Their Rye whiskeys are aged on the upper floors of the rick houses for a minimum of 4 years achieving an utterly splendid example of a Kentucky Rye whiskey.

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Age Statement:  Min 4 years, can be 6 to 8 years, release dependant.  Proof: Between 50 and 52.5% abv (100 and 105 Proof) Cask dependant.  Non Chill-filtered     Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Oak, Butterscotch, dried fruits and baking spices and mild tobacco
Palate – More oak, dark fruits, citrus, cocoa and light smoky tobacco
Finish – Oak, Fruit and rye spice

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