Whistlepig Homestock Crop 04


Whistlepig Homestock Crop 04 came about because something good had to come out of 2020, didn’t it!  This 2020 blend is huge. An experiment like no other. One that celebrates life and human spirit in unprecedented times of social distancing.

Whistlepig invited friends from across the United States to select their perfect combination of Rye, Wheat and Barley from the comfort and safety of their own homes. They then came together as a virtual community to taste and select the final recipe that would become Crop No.4.

The result is this, rather aptly named, Homestock Whiskey. The first crowd-sourced Whiskey and a unique blend of 4yr old Rye and 5yr old Wheat and Barley whiskeys. You’ll find Whistlepigs signature bold Rye Spice balanced with a light gentle sweetness.

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Age Statement: A blend of 4 year old Rye and 5 year old Wheat and Barley Whiskeys.  Proof: 43% abv (86 Proof) Size: 75cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Sweet and Fruity with Pipe Tobacco, Vanilla and Orange Zest
Palate – Big on Baking Spices, Toffee, Roasted Nuts and Ripe Berries
Finish – Long-lasting and spicy

Distilled and Bottled: Canada / Vermont  Mash bill: 45% Rye, 30% Wheat, 25% Barley

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