Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey


Old Scout American Whiskey is a careful blend of sourced whiskey from Indiana and Tennessee that gets some of it’s unique flavour profile by spending part of its aging process in barrels that have been previously used. The cost of this extra journey is that it has to give up its Bourbon title to meet the strict laws that govern the production of Bourbon whiskey.  “A rose by any other name”, some might say.  Smooth Ambler hope that you’ll enjoy the flavour profiles brought about by its unique journey to the bottle.

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Age Statement: Undisclosed  Proof: 46% abv (92 Proof)  Size: 7ocl

Tasting notes
Nose – Sweet and spicy with a little smoke.
Palate – Cinnamon, Ginger, Tobacco and Caramel with a hint of smokiness
Finish – Sweet and Spicy

Distilled and Bottled: Indiana and Tennessee / West Virginia  Mash bill: Undisclosed. Sourced Bourbons of Corn, Rye and Malted Barley


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