Smooth Ambler Contradiction


Contradiction: the fact of something being the complete opposite of something else or very different from something else, so that one of them must be wrong.

Should it work, Shouldn’t it?

In this case it most certainly does. Smooth Ambler have perfectly married their very own, West Virginia made, Wheated Bourbon with two different Rye Bourbons from Tennessee and Indiana to create this delicious, full-bodied expression that has distinct flavours similar to a four-grain Bourbon.

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Age Statement:  Circa 9 years (Claimed)  Proof: 46% abv (92 Proof)  Size: 7ocl

Tasting notes
Nose –  It’s a deep and lush nose, full of Vanilla, Cherries and Cinnamon with lingering oak.
Palate –  The Wheat makes this sweet, the Rye gives it spice.  The Vanilla really comes through along with dries fruits and a very small hint of smoky leather.
Finish – Lightly peppery leaving a pleasant sweet finish

Distilled and Bottled: West Virginia  Mash bill: Undisclosed. A sourced Bourbon of Corn, Rye and Malted Barley blended with their house Bourbon of Corn, Wheat and Malted Barley
Awards: World Whiskey Awards Gold Medal, Ultimate Spirits Challenge 96 Points, Whisky Advocate 90 points

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