Rowan’s Creek Small Batch Kentucky Straight Whiskey


Another great whiskey from the Willett stable that often flies under the radar.  Rowan’s Creek gets its name from a creek that runs through the grounds of the Willet Distillery.  There’s a bit of alcohol on the nose at first pour. Let it settle for a few minutes, sit back and enjoy this sweet and punchy delight.

Age Statement: Undisclosed, although, it’s distilled by Willett now so no older than 2012 Proof: 50.05% ABV 100.1 Proof)   Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Caramel and Vanilla with spicy floral notes
Palate – Burnt Sugar, Vanilla and more of the floral and spice notes.
Finish – Oaky with a spicy fade

Distilled / Bottled: Kentucky
Mash bill: Undisclosed

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