Noah’s Mill Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Noah’s Mill is one of the gems from the ever popular Willett Distillery.  Unlike many whiskey names, Noah’s Mill isn’t a real place and has no historical meaning in the world of distilling. They just liked the name and it stuck.  The whiskey itself is rich and lush with hints of rye spice.

Age Statement: Undisclosed, although, it’s distilled by Willett now so no older than 2012 Proof: 57.15% ABV 114.3 Proof)   Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Sweet cinnamon and sugar. Lots of clove. Spicy rye notes with some fruit
Palate – Fruity, sweet and clove heavy. Medium mouthfeel. Some brown sugar and maple
Finish – Warm with lingering fruity spice

Distilled / Bottled: Kentucky
Mash bill: Undisclosed

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