Minor Case Straight Rye Whiskey


For a 2-year-old whiskey, this Minor Case Straight Rye packs an abundance of flavour.  The name Minor Case comes from the man himself, Minor Case Beam, who was one of the renowned Beam family of distillers.

The Limestone Branch Distillery Company behind this offering was, until very recently, under the control of Paul and Steve Beam (and now LuxCo). Steve’s great grandfather was none other than Minor Case Beam, eldest son of Joseph Beam.

The whiskey spends 6 months of its maturation finishing in Sherry cask which is where the huge nose comes from. Pop the cork on the beautiful, flask-shaped bottle and the, quite lovely, aromas reach out and pull you in.  Being a rye whiskey, the warm spices are abundant and it’s a fantastic sipper that can add really interesting twists to cocktails that would usually be bourbon-based.

Age Statement: 2 years  Proof: 45% (90 Proof) Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose –  Really fruity, with cherry and vanilla and a little oak.
Palate – Red fruits and a smokey leather with cinnamon spice
Finish – The cherries are back with an almost sweet medicinal finish

Distilled and Bottled:   Lebanon, Kentucky  Mash bill: 51% Rye and the rest is unlisted

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