Michters US*1 American Whiskey


Unlike Bourbon and Rye which, by definition, must be aged in New Oak barrels, this Michters US*1 American Whiskey is aged in Whiskey soaked barrels allowing for a whole new profile that is rich and completely unique in flavour.

Michters never use grain neutral spirits in the production of this rather tasty offering, hence the “Unblended” demarcation. It’s 100% pure classic American Whiskey goodness.

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Age Statement: No age statement  Proof: 41.7% (83.4 Proof)  Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose –  Very sweet, vanilla
Palate – Lots of Butterscotch and vanilla with caramel and dried fruits
Finish – A sweet finish with lingering dried fruits

Bottled and Distilled: Kentucky

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