MB Roland Straight Corn Whiskey


MB Roland’s Straight Corn whiskey is a little gem in the range.

Let’s be honest here; most people overlook Corn whiskey. MB Roland has managed to do something good with this. Lot’s of Corn whiskeys are unaged. If they were aged in new oak, they’d be Bourbon.  What MB Roland has done here is to age their own Corn whiskey in their own used Bourbon barrels which imparts some wonderful flavours into the sweet whiskey. It becomes immediately more complicated and adds a whole new dimension.

MB Roland’s process includes not adding water post distillation meaning every bit of flavour from the mash, fermentation and the barrel comes through.

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Age Statement: Minimum 2 years old  Proof: 53.8% (107.6 Proof) Size: 75cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Wonderfully buttery corn, cooked cereal hints of cinnamon sweets
Palate –  Popcorn and Cinnamon
Finish – A warm finish with hints of milk chocolate and popcorn.

Distilled and Bottled:  Christian County, Kentucky  Mash bill: 63% Malted Barley, 21% White Corn and 15%  Rye  with a #4 Char

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