MB Roland Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey – Barrel Proof


MB Roland’s exploration into big Malt whiskies continues with this limited run Barrel Proof edition.

Uncut and Unfiltered, this is the Batch 9 release of the MB Roland Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey. It comes in at a hugely respectable 54.2% and is a delightful twist on typical single malt whiskies. MB Roland chose a Mash bill including White Corn and Rye to give this whiskey a deliciously full flavour with a big old spicy kick.

If you’re a fan of single malt then this is one to have on the shelf.

Interesting fun fact: This Batch 9 has a misprint on the label. The Mash bill adds up to 99%. Is there a top secret 1% ingredient? Does this make it a collector’s item? We can’t answer that but we know the juice is delicious.

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Age Statement: Minimum 2 years old  Proof: 54.2% (108.4 Proof) Size: 75cl

Tasting notes
Nose –  Chocolate and nutty with the grains coming through.
Palate – Dark Chocolate, more nuts and grassy spice.
Finish – A sweet finish of medium length with lingering cocoa

Distilled and Bottled:  Christian County, Kentucky  Mash bill: 63% Malted Barley, 21% White Corn and 15%  Rye  with a #4 Char

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