Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon is named after Treasury Agent John E Fitzgerald and his alleged weakness for fine bourbon that wasn’t his. Fitzgerald was thoughts to have had the only set of keys to the rickhouse and would steal from only the best barrels.

Forward to today and the Master Distillers select a limited number of barrels from very specific floors of the rickhouse to create Larceny’s 6yr wheated flavour profile.  Choosing Wheat over Rye as the mashbill’s secondary grain provides a softer, sweeter and more rounded character.

Larceny is a fantastic daily drinker and a must for the bourbon shelf.

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Age Statement: Undisclosed but thought to be approx 6 years  Proof: 46% (92 Proof) Bottle size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose –  Toffee, Sweet Bread and Butterscotch
Palate – Buttery Caramel and Honey with a really rich mouth feel.
Finish – Really long  and peppery fading into sweet.

Distilled and Bottled: Bardstown, Kentucky
Awards: SIP Awards – Gold 2019

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