Kentucky Peerless Small Batch Bourbon


This Kentucky Peerless Small Batch Straight Bourbon is excellent for a relatively young whiskey.  Kentucky Peerless has managed to create a bold and spicy expression with a wealth of flavours that tastes wise beyond its years.

With a very limited number of barrels per bottling, this is a truly small-batch whiskey produced using a sweet mash technique with fresh water and fresh grain on every run. This also means that your bottle comes from a batch that’s quite individual.  It tastes as great and unique as it looks and deserves the plaudits and awards bestowed upon it.

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Age Statement: Circa 3 years  Proof: 54.95% ABV (109.9 Proof)  Size: 75cl
Nose – Ripe summer fruit, Oak and Tobacco
Palate – Butterscotch and Marshmallow with a light Rye spice and a hint of Tobacco.
Finish – A medium finish of fruity Rye spice and Caramel

Distilled and Bottled: Kentucky  Mashbill: Undiscloses Rye(Min 51%), Corn and Malted Barley

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