High West Campfire Whiskey


Campfire Whiskey is an intriguing blend of scotch, bourbon and rye whiskeys.

The peated Scotch whisky in this blend offers a delightful smoky note, reminiscent of a campfire.  As the sun sinks low and the cold settles in, grab a bottle of Campfire Whiskey and gather round a blazing fire to warm up, wind down your day, share stories, and deepen friendships. One taste of this sweet, spicy and, yes…smoky whiskey, you’ll know how it got its name.

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Age Statement: A blend of bourbon, rye, and peated Scotch whisky, ranging in age from 4-8 years old.  Proof: 46% ABV (92 Proof)  Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Floral, fruity, bright and spicy, caramel, butterscotch, Light smoke and smoldering wood from a campfire the morning after, jasmine, chai tea, sandalwood, leather, tobacco, pine resin and toasted bread.
Palate – Vanilla, honey, toffee with some nice fruit, blueberries and black cherries, chai spices – nutmeg, cinnamon, orange zest, salty caramels, tobacco, gentle smoke
Finish – Long, sweet, spicy, and smoky

Distilled and Bottled: Indiana, Utah and a secret location for the Scotch / Utah
Mash Bill: Straight Rye Whiskeys: 95% rye, 5% barley malt from MGP and 80% Rye, 20% malted rye from High West Distillery
Straight Bourbon Whiskey: 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% barley malt from MGP
Blended Malt Scotch Whisky: Undisclosed Source (due to contractual reasons)

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