Heaven Hill Distillery Sample Set of 5 whiskeys


Unsure which of the many Heaven Hill expressions is the one for you?   Amazed at the many different Bourbons Heaven Hill produces?

This Heaven Hill Distillery sample pack of five Bourbon whiskeys could be the answer.  Heaven Hill is America’s largest Family owned Distillery and, over the years, have produced some of the finest whiskeys to come out of their native Bardstown,  The smallest of the big boys or, the biggest of the rest, the family-owned and operated distillery produces a wide range of fine American whiskey and some of the best-aged Bourbon to come out of Kentucky.  This sample pack includes 1 x 30ml sample of each of the following, along with tasting notes:

Evan Williams  Extra Aged Straight Bourbon – 43%

Evan Williams  Bottled in Bond Straight Bourbon – 50%

Larceny  Straight Bourbon – 46%

Elijah Craig – Small Batch – Straight Bourbon – 46%

Elijah Craig – Small Batch – Barrel Proof Bourbon – 61.5%

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