Evan Williams Bourbon Bottled in Bond


Pound for pound, Evan Williams Bottled in Bond has to be one of the best value for money Bourbons out there. It’s one of a handful of must have daily drinkers and punches well above its weight.

Bottles in bond means exactly that, it’s bottled under supervision, in a federally bonded warehouse where it’s sat for a minimum of 4 years and at exactly 100 proof (50% ABV). It packs some punch but goes down really well.  A favourite of bar tenders the world over and definitely an essential in the home bar.

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Age Statement: A minimum of 4 years  Proof: 50% (100 Proof) Size: 70cl

Tasting notes
Nose –  Rich, sweet and fruity with vanilla and sweet bread
Palate – Pepper, quickly moving to Citrus, burnt sugar, oranges and cinnamon
Finish – The sweet elements slowly giving way to a light peppery finish

Distilled and Bottled:  Bardstown, Kentucky  Mash bill: 78% Corn, 10% Rye and 12%  Malted Barley  with a #3 Char

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