Elijah Craig Small Batch – Barrel Proof – C918


Are you ready for this? It’s a big whiskey, completely unfettered and without chill filtration. It’s uncut and straight from the barrel in which its aged for a highly respectable 12 years.  Amazing Whiskey in its simplest form.  When you take a sip, you’re experiencing this Whiskey exactly how the Master Distillers at Elijah Craig do when they sample each barrel back in the rickhouses in Kentucky.

Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel proof is a bold expression and as honest as Whiskey comes and is a great example of how charred oak barrel aging can make good Bourbon into great Bourbon.

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Age Statement: 12 years   Proof: 65.7% abv (131.4 Proof) Non Chill-filtered  Size: 700ml

Tasting notes
Nose –  Toasted oak and Caramel with notes of apple and orange
Palate – Rich Vanilla, Caramel and Butterscotch with Black pepper and Cinnamon spices at the back of the palette
Finish – Warm and rich with layers of fruit and sweet caramel and butterscotch fading into a peppery finish

Mash bill: 78% Corn, 10% Rye, 12% Barley with a #3 Char

Distilled and Bottled: Bardstown, Kentucky

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