Elijah Craig Small Batch – Barrel Proof – B519


This is the Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof B519 at 61.1%

Are you ready for this?  Amazing Whiskey in its simplest form.  When you take a sip, you’re experiencing this Whiskey exactly how the Master Distillers at Elijah Craig do when they sample each barrel back in the rickhouses in Kentucky.

It’s a big whiskey, completely unfettered and without chill filtration. It’s uncut and straight from the barrel in which it’s aged for a highly respectable 12 years.  This B519 iteration is from the second release of the year (B), in June (5), of 2019 (19). Easy, huh!  It also has some of the best write-ups in recent years coming in at a slightly lower proof than recent releases but still a respectable 61.1%

Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof is a bold expression and as honest as Whiskey comes and is a great example of how charred oak barrel aging can make good Bourbon into great Bourbon.

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Age Statement: 12 years   Proof: 61.1% abv (122.2 Proof) Non Chill-filtered  Size: 700ml

Tasting notes
Nose –  Toasted oak and Caramel with notes of apple and orange
Palate – Rich Vanilla, Caramel and Butterscotch with Black pepper and Cinnamon spices at the back of the palette
Finish – Warm and rich with layers of fruit and sweet caramel and butterscotch fading into a peppery finish

Mash bill: 78% Corn, 10% Rye, 12% Barley with a #3 Char

Distilled and Bottled: Bardstown, Kentucky

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