Driftless Glen 51 Rye


Located in the Baraboo Valley of Wisconsin, Driftless Glen Distillery is located in the region known as the Driftless Area which escaped the flattening effects of glaciation during the ice age. It’s a harsh geographical area in stark contrast to the flatness of the broader Midwest and central Plains regions.  The region is rich with peat, has a wonderful aquifer, and uncommon sandy soil for the distillery’s grains to grow in. These unique conditions provide a favourable environment for the production of high-quality spirits.

The company produces all of its whiskey from locally sourced grain. The distillery age their whiskey in 25 and 30 gallon barrels in order to accelerate the maturation which explains the rich depth of colour achieved in this 51 Rye offering.

As ryes go, it’s somewhat softer than one would expect, without the highly spicey profile one would expect. Instead, Driftless Glen has produced an incredibly fruity offering with lovely cinnamon notes and one that will certainly be a pleaser to those seeking something fresh and different.

Age Statement:  Non age-stated – Min 2 years and    Proof: 102 proof (51% abv)  Size: 75cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Burnt Orange, Cinnamon and dark fruits
Palate – Rye spice, Cinnamon and mocha
Finish – White pepper with more hints of orange and berries

Distilled and Bottled: Wisconsin  Mash bill: 51% Rye

Awards: Gold Medals  American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) 2020
Heartland Spirits Competition 2019 – Best in State & Best in Class Rye Whiskey
New York International Spirits Competition 2019 – 94 Rating & WI Distillery of the Year
50 Best Rye Whiskey’s 2019

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