Catoctin Creek Rabble Rouser Limited Edition Rye Whisky


The Catoctin Creek Rabble Rouser Rye Whisky is the distillery’s annual limited release incarnation of their ever-popular Rye whiskey. It is a very special expression that the distillery describes as “unruly and vivacious”.  Released at 50% ABV, this is well-balanced whisky that’s packing just the right amount of punch.  Delicious, dark, and complex, Rabble Rouser is released only once per year so you need to grab it while you can.

This is part of a batch of just 389 Bottles and only 78 found their way here to the UK. It’s an opportunity to own something quite unique.

Drinking notes: Once poured, let stand for five minutes to allow the whisky to open up before enjoying.

Confused about how to pronounce Catoctin?  Here’s a little help from the distillery, how to pronounce Catoctin.

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Age Statement:  Undisclosed  Proof:  50% abv (100 Proof)  Non Chill-Filtered  Size: 75cl

Tasting notes
Nose – Toasted Marshmallow, Cherries
Palate – Rye spice, Black Pepper, rich Stone fruits , Chocolate, and Menthol hints
Finish – Lingering Rye spice with hints of dark fruits

Distilled and Bottled: Purcellvile, Virginia  Mash bill: Undisclosed
Master Distiller: Becky Harris

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