Privacy Policy

It is important that you read this privacy policy, along with our Terms and Conditions so that you are fully informed of how and why we use your data and personal information. 

Here at Restless Spirits, the satisfaction of you, our customers, is at the heart of everything we do.  We want you to love dealing with us and want you to enjoy your experience.  This care and attention is carried forward to the way we treat your privacy and your data.

First and foremost, we consider our relationship to be a personal one. Your loyalty is important to us and ours to you should mirror that. For that reason, we promise that we will never trade, exchange or sell any customers personal details with any other company. Period!  Your data will only every be accessible within our own group companies, Restless Spirits Limited and Indie Imports Limited to enable us to provide our community with the most up to date product information, offers, event information and important notifications regarding changes to our site.

This Privacy Policy details information on when and why we collect your information, how we then utilise it, the security of said information and the very specific conditions when we may be obliged to share it as enforced by law. It encompasses all types of communication with Restless Spirits Limited and/or Indie Imports Limited including mailing lists, event registrations, visits to our website and registrations to any live events in which we are the host company.

Restless Spirits Limited and Indie Imports Limited are both companies registered in England and Wales, our registered address being The Genesis Centre, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 7BH. Both companies share one data controller who can be contacted at

Payment and financial Data

We do not collect or store any payment or financial data on our servers. This is all collected, processed and stored by our chosen payment processing partners, Strip, GooglePay, ApplePay and PayPal. Please visit your chosen payment partner to review their individual Privacy Policies and how they process your data.

Your Personal Data

Any personal data that you provide to us must be accurate and true. We have a duty to record and report and suspicious activity and any incomplete or inaccurate data may result in us being unable to fulfil a proper service to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that the data your supply is complete and correct.

By subscribing to our mailing list you agree to be contacted with regards to new product releases that may be relevant to you, events and offers. We collect, process and store your contact details for these reasons alone.

On occasion, we may run events which require the use of a third-party booking / ticketing system. On those occasions the Privacy Policy of the third-party operator will become effective. Any data shared by them with us will be solely for the purpose of allowing us to operate the event.

When booking events or tasting sessions, you agree to notify those other people whose personal information that you may have shared for the purpose of the booking. Where necessary, you must obtain their consent to share their information so that we can lawfully process it in accordance with this policy.

Occasions where formal contact is made with Restless Spirits Limited or Indie Imports Limited will be recorded so that we can properly assist with future requests and provide an auditable trail.  On occasion, we may record phone calls for training purposes. Any call being recorded for these purposes will open with a pre recorded message which will allow you to opt-out of the recording.


By opting in to our mailing list you are opting in to receive marketing communications from Restless Spirits Limited. You are also consenting to the processing of your data and for us to send you relevant marketing communications, newsletters, emails, notifications and invites to events and such. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and up to date information and you have the right to opt out at any time.  You can opt out of such marketing communications by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the foot of any page on this website or by contacting us at . Please allow up to a week for these changes to take place and bear in mind that you may still receive communications within that time frame. You are, of course, welcome to opt back in at any time.

Cookies and technical data collection

Our websites, and some third-party software that we utilise, may automatically collect information about your visit, site usage and technical data on the device that you used for your visit. This collection, and occasional storage, of data is only for analytical purposes and allows us to improve your experience of our website.

Google analytics

Like most websites, Restless Spirits uses Google Analytics to aid with efficiency.  Google Analytics collects information anonymously and generates reports containing information such as the number of visits to the site, which pages were visited, for how long and from where visitors originated. This is achieved by the placement of persistent cookies on your computer’s hard drive by Google. These do not collect any personal data and you can disable them in your browser if you do not agree to them.


Cookies are small text files that identify your browser.  These are very useful to a site’s operation but don’t share any personal data about you. Websites use these cookies to identify when you revisit their site.

The Restless Spirits website may use cookies to remember who you are and tailor the experience for you and personalising your preferences and relevant settings.

You have control over cookies via your browser settings and can disable them. Please be aware that by doing this, our website may not operate as efficiently as it is designed to.

The lawful processing of your data

To meet our obligations to you as set out in our Terms and Conditions, we will use the personal data that you have shared with us. This may be required to fulfil or update on an order or to provide information or updates regarding an event or tasting.