How Restless Spirits came to life

Restless Spirits is a family run, hands-on business specialising in fine Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey and most other types of American Whiskey.

For each year that a barrel is laid down to age, a percentage of distillate evaporates from the barrel. This is known as the Angel’s share, the whiskey reserved for the Angels. The barrels, being porous Oak, also absorb some of the distillate. This is affectionately known as the Devil’s cut.  It’s Whiskey that will never see a bottle and fulfill its purpose. The Restless Spirits.

Inspired by our own love for great Bourbon and Rye whiskey, and feeling that there could be room for a stockist that could provide a little more than just the product, we decided to bring Restless Spirits to life!

Our aim is to offer a selection of great whiskey along with some of the rich history that whiskey brings, the stories of its Distilleries and the Distillers that have honed their craft to produce the amazing whiskey that we present to you.

Thank you for supporting us and we hope you love the whiskey as much as we do!

Take a look at our Whiskey.

A bpourbon barrel in a rickhouse
The Makers Mark